Unique Space Scenes

Create unique random lush eye candy space scenes in Unity with a single mouse click using SPACE for Unity.

Requires Unity

SPACE for Unity is an Unity editor extension and requires Unity which is a free game development tool.

Demo Scenes

Demo scenes with spaceship, planets, particle FX, and asteroid fields are included with SPACE for Unity.

SPACE for Unity

An extension to the Unity Editor allows you to quickly set filter options to create a dynamic space sphere that will be rendered as a background.

 Compatible with Unity 5.5.x 

Planet Expansion Vol 01

28 additional 4096x4096 planet textures for SPACE for Unity (Alien, Desert, Earth-Like, Gas, Ice, and Molten)

SPACE for Unity + Planet Expansion Pack 01

Buy SPACE for Unity bundled with Planet Expansion Pack 01 and save $10.


SPACE for Unity requires per-seat licenses.

You can buy multi-license packs at discounted rates for game studios and for academic use. Multi-user license pack includes Planet Expansion Pack 01.

SPACE for Unity - 5 Licenses

Save 40% when buying 5 licenses.

SPACE for Unity - 10 Licenses

Save 50% when buying 10 licenses.

SPACE for Unity - 25 Licenses

Save 60% when buying 25 licenses.

SPACE for Unity - 100 Licenses

Save 70% when buying 100 licenses.

SPACE for Unity - 500 Licenses

Save 80% when buying 500 licenses.
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